Types Of Computer Languages With Their Advantages And Disadvantages

Just like human beings have developed their own languages to communicate which vary as per cultures and countries, computers also need a common medium of instruction to understand the operations and commands put in. Computer languages are the essence of an operating system as they help program each

Just like human beings have developed their own languages to communicate which vary as per cultures and countries, computers also need a common medium of instruction to understand the operations and commands put in. Computer languages are the essence of an operating system as they help program each and every command as well as application in the computer. Coming under the discipline of Computer Science, programming languages are of different types and have a diverse set of features. If you are interested in studying programming, this blog brings you the best computer languages to learn in 2021 as well as the top online courses you can opt for to understand them in detail.

Types of Computer Languages List

Computer languages can be broadly classified into 3 major categories. Computer languages open an array of career opportunities. Here are types of computer languages list for you:

JavaVHDLS-LangOzMLNimC++CPythonPHPJavaScriptSQLSwiftC#A+APLChapelSimulaJuliaXojoDartLassoFortran 90RustLucidMaxHTML/CSS

Chart of Computer Languages

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As indicated by Tiobe Programming Community Index, Java has consistently featured at the top of the sought-after computer languages in the world since its creation in the mid-90s. A significant number of the world’s best organizations use Java to manufacture their office applications and backend web frameworks. If you know Java, odds are you won’t be edgy for work! Various variables make Java so famous and the most prominent ones are Portability and Versatility.

Portability: Thanks to the stage freethinker Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java can run on almost every framework. Other than being a popular computer language, it is additionally the most well-known Android language and several android applications run in Java.

Versatility: In the words of James Governor, “when web organizations grow up, they become Java shops”. Java is known for its adaptability as a top priority, which is the reason it is so well known among corporate endeavours and scaling new businesses (Twitter moved from Ruby to Java for various purposes). Since Java is a statically-composed computer language, it’s quicker and simpler to keep up with fewer bugs.

Online Certified Courses in Java

Moreover, global and Indian universities offer online certified courses in different computer languages. There are various online certified courses provided in Java language. Here are some of the popular online Java courses:

Oracle Java CertificationJava Programming: Step by Step from A to ZThe Complete Java Programmer: From Scratch to AdvancedJava Certification SE 1Z0-808 MasterclassUdemy’s Complete Java MasterclassJava Courses & Classes Online (Pluralsight)The Complete Java Crash Course (Educative)Learn Java for Free – Online Course (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

C Programming Language

C is one of the most seasoned and mainstream computer languages because of its convenience and appropriation by tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Linux, and Oracle. C is likewise a sought-after language for installed frameworks in vehicles, hardware, and different gadgets. Almost every digital device that we use, from our mobile phones to morning timers, incorporated —if not legitimately programmed in—the C language. C additionally has highlights that make it entirely equipped for working frameworks and implanted frameworks. Numerous calculations composed and shared online are processed in C. It’s the “general language” of programming dialects. C side projects like C++ and C# are likewise among the best five most mainstream dialects for aspiring programmers and data scientists.

Online Certified Courses in C

Another prominent computer language to master in 2021, you can find an array of online courses available in C programming such as,

C Programming For Beginners – Master the C Language,udemyAdvanced in C programming, pointersProgramming in C Certification (Coursera)C Programming for Beginners Course – Master the C Language (Udemy)C Tutorial & Training Online (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)C Programming Tutorial – Complete Tutorial For Beginners (Udemy)C Programming with Linux (edX)


The prominence of Python has risen consistently in recent years, at long last breaking into the consistent five computer languages on the Tiobe Index. It is because Python is a significant language and is probably the most energizing advancements today. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Robotics all depend intensely on Python (Robotics likewise depends on C for its utilization in frameworks programming).

Online Certified Courses in Python

If you are planning to exploring computer language courses in Python, check out the following top picks:

Python Certification from the University of MichiganComplete Python Bootcamp by UdemyApplied Data Science with Python Certification by CourseraPython Certification for Data Science by IBM (Coursera)Python for Managers by Columbia Business SchoolPython 3 Programming Certification by University of MichiganComputing in Python Certification by Georgia Tech (edX)Python Course for Data Science by University of California


With the popularity of internet browsers, JavaScript is another important mention to add in our list of best computer languages as it featured number 1 on GitHub as the most in-demand programming languages. It has stood its ground against more current dialects and will keep on assuming a job on the web. JavaScript permits engineers to add impacts to site pages. It regularly works nearby HTML, yet it is increasingly utilised for web applications to be constructed altogether in JavaScript.

Online Certified Courses in Javascript

Here are the top online computer language courses offered in Javascript:

The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects by UdemyProgramming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS by Duke UniversityJavaScript Introduction Certification by W3C (edX)The Complete Web Developer Bootcamp Course (Udemy)HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers by Johns Hopkins UniversityInteractivity with JavaScript by University of Michigan (Coursera)Programming for the Web with JavaScript by University of Pennsylvania


Ruby is a powerfully composed computer language considered as highly adaptable and extraordinary however hard to keep up at scale. As a Ruby application develops, the dynamic idea of the language clouds the wellspring of code blunders and gobbles up registering assets. Ruby is one of the most well-known dialects among tech companies.

Numerous Silicon Valley unicorns have been based on Ruby, including Airbnb, Twitch, GitHub, and Twitter. Firstly, Ruby has an inconceivably basic delightful sentence structure that permits a designer to accomplish more with less code. Secondly, because of Ruby on Rails, getting a web application fully operational takes less time than in different structures.

Online Certified Courses in Ruby

Check out the best and most sought-after type of computer languages courses offered for those aiming to learn Ruby:

Free Ruby on Rails 5 Course for Beginners (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)Ruby on Rails 4: Getting Started (Pluralsight)Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course (Udemy)Ruby on Rails Programming – Learning Path (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)Ruby on Rails Development Certification by John Hopkins University (Coursera)

Computer Languages In-Demand

The list of computer languages is never-ending. From time to time the demand for computer languages also fluctuates. Some languages were in demand years ago but as technology changes the demand also changes. Here is the list of computer languages in demand all around the world:

RubyJavaScriptPythonPHPJavaC#Objective-C & Swift

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Computer Languages for Class 6

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Computer Languages Class 7

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